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So I'm glad you've taken the time to visit my blog. If you're doing so, I'm assuming you already know something about me but there's always the wishful thinking of new readers who may have simply heard about BackwoodsUrbanity from word of mouth because it's such a great read! Or at least it will be....

I'm originally from the rural area of northern Louisiana called Wisner where I was born and raised. (Hence the first part of the name "Backwoods". After 18 years of youth in "The South" I decided it was time for a change of social pace. So after a little thought and lot of wishful thinking I decided the United States Navy offered the best chance for a young southern lad or debutante depending on who you ask... to find out who he is in the world and find where in the world it is that I belong.

Well, after a lot of interesting if not painful times early off in the Navy, not to mention not nearly as much traveling as I had hoped for, I found myself in San Diego, Ca. It was my first duty station in the Navy after a year and a half of training in Chicago and another year's worth of training in Yorktown, Va. California was hardly any place I wanted to move to or had ever even been to... (Just forget about me wanting to see the word for 15 seconds...) Well, as life would have it I fell in love with San Diego after about three hours in the city.

But this delightful surprise would be short on time to enjoy my new city. After only two and a half months in San Diego, the Navy decided that I was better suited for life in Arizona, Yuma to be more precise... For those of you who ever served in the military, I'm sure you've heard the saying, "There's no such thing as a bad duty station, it's simply what you make of it..." That saying would truly be put to the test while stationed there on a temporary assignment.

But again, as luck and life would both have it, I would soon (a whole year later...) find myself back in my beloved if not adopted city of San Diego.

It was only after this return that life in southern California would truly begin to take off and still remains a constant roller coaster that I've come to love and expect at all times. (I get bored easily as I'm sure those that know me personally can speak to)

After I returned from Yuma, I was slowly beginning to realize that while life in Southern California and the greater San Diego area was great, (I was living in Oceanside, look it up...) I was very much over life in the suburbs and ready to throw caution to the wind and move over an hour away from work to ever FABULOUS Hillcrest!

I got lucky only after a few weeks of house hunting and I found the prefect bachelor's pad, a quite little two bedroom cottage tucked away near Park Blvd and University Ave. I had never been so excited to begin what felt like by first true taste of adulthood. After all, what makes a man more so than his own place in the heart of one of San Diego's most socially active communities.

Then after five long years of worrying about deployments to any number of wars we were in, to being transferred away from the city that had become home to me, to the fear of having to leave my friends and adopted family that had made Hillcrest feel like a home, I decided that it was time to leave Naval service and pursue a life that didn't involve uniforms. (That is of course unless it's military night at Rich's or you happen to attend one of my "fancy dinner parties"! Those that have been know what I mean...) But there was just one problem, getting out of the Navy almost certainly meant realizing one of my greatest fears, having to leave San Diego!

Yet again, life had other plans. I decided I had worked too hard to get to California and San Diego to just give up and leave. So after realizing I had no chance at all in breaking into the lucrative world of male underwear modeling, I realized that my best bet was to do what everyone does who leaves active military service. To go right back to work for them as a government employee!

So after what's been three years of civilian life, I can safely say I made the right decision of giving up the uniform in exchange for a more stable and open lifestyle.

California has repeatedly offered some of the greatest moments of my life, from my camping trips to Yosemite National Park or Death Valley, to our annual "Gay Boy Get-Away" to Catalina Island, to just simply finding myself taking in totally great, unplanned cocktail parties and dinners with friends and loved ones just sitting out under the immensely light polluted night sky in my courtyard.

All that being said simply to say that after a while I began to feel the pull of time and distance that seemed to separate me from my real home and family in Louisiana or just other friends that had moved on to other places across the world. So as I began to deal with this feeling of being separated, I started to look for a two fold solution that would not only allow me to have a social catharsis to keep my friends in San Diego up to date on what's going on, i.e. restaurants, night clubs, political discussions, music interest, etc... while at the same time giving me a forum to share pictures and happenings with my friends and family abroad.

Now I'm sure many of you are asking, "why not just Facebook???" Well the short answer to that is I think Facebook is the damn devil or something close... and I'll have no part of it. So in case you're thinking about asking, the answer is "No". There is no corresponding Facebook page for this blog nor can I be found anywhere on there. So if you're a FB junky, thanks for breaking away from it to visit me here. It really is appreciated!

So my goal in this effort is to try and draw a friendly contrast between my backwoods home and upbringing that made me who I am to day to the current urbanity that makes up my present living environment. I only hope you'll enjoy my stories as much as I've enjoyed living them and telling them. (After all, there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you're going to be found somewhere in the fold of conversation!)

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Oct 18


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Beautiful cocks and hot studs

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